Hello world!

I thought I should called my first post “Hello world!” as the popular wordpress default post title, also honouring that famous message: “Hello World!” well known in the computer programming world for acting as a “barometer of program success”. As I’m beginning to measure the success of my site, I thought this could be a good start.


Image by Hdash

Being this my first post, I wanted to make this small conscious artistic experiment which will hopefully indicate the basis to the success of my site… just a simple way to catch your attention. 

I also found this experiment interesting as this is my first entry using my precious brand new domain name“consciousdigest.com” which I acquired more than a year ago with the hope of using it at some point.

I’m glad the time has come for me to “wear it for the first time”… and I’m also glad you’ll be my first readers.


Image by Lasse Havelund

You’ll probably see how this site will be changing as I love the “geeky” stuff behind building a website… so this post will probably look different some days from now… or I might find the way to keep it as plain and minimalistic as possible venerating the “Hello World!” style.

Thanks for coming here… I hope you enjoy reading my posts from today on. I assure you that you’ll find more elaborate content and design in the near future.

I love writing BTW so you’ll see me often.