No more Trump please!

I should confess I had been away from ‘mainstream media’ and ‘social media’ for a long time already… and the fact of coming in contact with it again has left me in a state that has gone from very painful headaches to small signs of depression.

Being bombarded by ‘Trump stories’ and campaigns that have been important in the other side of the world, “where I still don’t belong” and seeing how everyone talks about the same things tirelessly, have raised these questions in me:

Why does media keep people talking about the same things endlessly?

Does media want to make sure we have reasons to argue with each other?

Does media want to keep us from enjoying life in a different way?

I guess these questions might not come as something new to some of you… You probably have asked yourself the same questions, or you probably take the news you consume for granted.

I thought I have got over it a long time ago, but to be honest, I realised I still feel affected by what is shown to me in the news… and I never take it for granted. 

I still feel affected by what is shown to me in the news… and I never take it for granted.

Last Friday, 14th of October 2016,  I was trying to enjoy my day while still wanting to feed my curiosity and grabbed a copy of the “Evening Standard” and found it offensive and depressing to face in the first page this unpleasant image:


I then asked myself… Why does this deserve to be seen by thousands of people?

Wouldn’t it be better to have a beautiful landscape like this one instead?


Is media corroding our minds and hearts more than the events themselves?

I believe these questions will remain unanswered until we do something to change what is presented to us and the priority we give to what is shown and what is not shown in the news.

As difficult as it might seem I still have hope that we can focus on presenting different content and changing the way we tell stories to enrich our lives without ignoring what is important.

Note to readers: This post is part of my reflections of Critical Issues in Campaigning at the University of Westminster MA in Media Campaigning and Social Change.

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