You only follow who you trust

Why do people support social media stars campaigning initiatives?

It seems that the amount of self-disclosure that social media platforms provide (Bazarova and Choi, 2014) contribute to develop certain degree of intimacy with strangers that wouldn’t be possible in face – to face interactions.

Regardless of the fact that such relationships, as those that are built through social media platforms, are made with people who live in distant locations, the sharing of interests create certain type of intimacy between people (Hinton and Hjorth, 2013) similar to the one that is created with our immediate family, that provides a specific environment of trust and support.

Let’s say that you are a follower of a social media star that endorses a campaign. The probabilities for you to support that campaign would be higher than if the same campaign was supported by a famous celebrity whom with you not share any common interests with.

In other words, supporting one of the social media stars you follow, who’s endorsing a campaign, is like supporting one of your ‘friends’. The only difference is that this ‘friend’ is a stranger that you have never met in ‘real life’, and probably don’t even know you exist. But for you, it has become one of the best examples to follow.

Supporting one of the social media stars you follow, who’s endorsing a campaign, is like supporting one of your ‘friends’.

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While most social media stars, or influencers, are known for supporting marketing campaigns, there are some who have become ambassadors of social change campaigns and environmental initiatives such as the social media influencer Jerome Jarre, who supports the Foundation ‘Liter of Light’ that dedicates its efforts to bring ‘affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity’ (Liter of Light, 2017).

Having social media stars endorsing campaigns seems to be a trend  that will continue growing.
Social Media Star – Jerome Jarre – Ambassador of Grassroots Movement –  ‘Liter of Light’Source – Image by © Francisco Reyes / Shutter Republic

Maybe, after reading this you’d like to become the next social media star who would help change the world!

Do you know about any other social media stars who are supporting campaigns?

Or want to tell us about a social media star who you think would like to support a social change or environmental cause?

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Note to readers: This post is part of my reflections of Critical Issues in Campaigning at the University of Westminster MA in Media Campaigning and Social Change.


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