Why to love hate?

Do those who hate fear being loved?

Many people still believe the counterpart of love is hate, however, it is the emotion of fear (The Unknown, 2017) the one that mostly distances ourselves from love, as it groups all the other, what we have called, ‘negative emotions’ (Forte, 2016).

Each emotion or ‘energy in motion’ (Lie, no date) is related to a specific frequency, which can be felt in the body, in the mind and in the space around you.

Human Emotion Frequency explained by Shahadat Hossain

What colours do you imagine love and fear to be?

The importance of compassion for those who fear love

Humanity and the Planet Earth are going through an important ascension process (Street, no date), that is leading many of us to feel very powerfully these contrasting emotions, stronger than ever before. At the same time, some people that are not yet ready for this ascension would choose to hold more to fear than to embrace love. However, this choosing is not entirely a conscious process.

But why this fear of love? Source

For this reason, the task for all of us, who have already discovered that love will save us from repeating old patterns that are stopping us from ascending to a higher level of understanding, is to be more compassionate towards those who still choose fear.

If people could really choose love among fear they would do, but this is a process that requires a lot of soul work and it is also something that can’t be forced.

At the same time, if you have lived your life out of fear, surrounded by hate, disgust and anger, and no-one has ever really shown you with a loving heart what living through love could be like, the only thing you can do is to continue living out of fear, not because you want to but because no-one really cares to show you or give you a little bit of what you crave the most which is love.

Those who hate, who are angry, who reject, who kill, are those who need and crave love the most. And as love is infinitely abundant, we can always give more of that.

Love will never really reject those who seem to hate.

Love never fails Source

As love is so embracing and so powerful, it is not necessary to push away those who still live in a ‘fear frequency’, on the contrary, it is our duty to welcome those emotions and understand why they are still present in the world.

In this way, we can heal humanity, the Planet, and allow ourselves to experience the expansion that all this brings which is ever growing as Love.

People react to external events such as politics and the economy out of love or fear.

People find different ways to express their anger, disappointment, frustration and fear towards external events because they feel those events are out of their control and someone else is exerting power on them. One of those ways to express these feelings of discomfort is through creating campaigns to convince other people to change behaviours that are ‘not acceptable’. These campaigns which focus on polarised emotions, are dangerous, as they are based on rejection and therefore on fear.

In order to start creating a more welcoming and compassionate society, we  should embrace the shadow, as C.G Jung put it. In this way, we are more likely to continue evolving as individuals and as humanity.

Thanks to those of you who are bringing more light to the world.

What are you doing to bring more love and light to the world?

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Note to readers: This post is part of my reflections of Critical Issues in Campaigning at the University of Westminster MA in Media Campaigning and Social Change.

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