What is conscious content?

We believe conscious content is the type of content that is written by being 100% mindful of the words and ideas you are including in your content.

What conscious content is not:

Conscious content doesn’t mean we will always support what people call: ‘positive ideas’, ‘good actions’, etc.

Here, we try to give you the possibility to find conscious content which means that we try as much as possible to avoid including value judgements in our posts.

Why is conscious content not always positive?

We believe that for us to deliver conscious content we should make sure we balance our words in the best possible way so we make sure our points give you the possibility to reflect on important topics rather than us trying to convince you to take a specific position.

How do you make sure you’re delivering conscious content?

The idea of us delivering conscious content means that we are aware of the fact that some of our posts can include ideas that might be interpreted in a way in which we didn’t intend to.

However, we acknowledge that one of the main reasons why we are here is because we want to learn from this exchange as well. This is why it is so important for us to hear from you.

How long will you try to support your arguments for?

More than supporting our arguments, we love the idea of having conversations. This is why we try to include questions on our posts, as we also have questions, and therefore we think you might have them too.

We won’t necessarily stick to a certain idea longer than it is necessary as we are aware of our constant changing nature as human beings, and we think that we are here in this world in order to learn an evolve.

This means we embrace the idea of renovation.